Landscape design 101:

The landscape design process begins with the Home Consultation.  The designer will meet with the clients in their home to discuss how they want to use the space, what the needs of the residents are, as well as what they like or dislike about their current landscape.  

We will take notice of soil, water drainage and sunlight.  We will also be mindful of the existing features and styles of your home and garden.  The designer will then spend time taking measurements and photos of the site.

Home Consultation


Once back in the studio, the designer will create a scaled CAD drawing incorporating the client’s wishes into the actual design.  The prepared design will also include a plant list and pictures of the recommended plants.

design creation


The homeowners and landscape designer will meet again at the client’s home to review the plan and gain the client’s feedback.  Hard copies and electronic PDF versions of the plans are the clients to keep.

plan presentation


The designer will provide the client with information on their preferred installers and can be involved in the project through its completion.