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Landscape Design


Garden Coaching


Kate Refine Designs’ process is intentionally collaborative in their client work to ensure that every landscape created is both unique and functional for each specific site.


Their expertise lies in a wide range of landscape needs and they take on an array of client needs from big to small. From making modifications to boost a home’s curb appeal, to a complete redesign and installation of full yard plans, anything is possible. Client’s looking for small scale help are able to make improvements to existing gardens and update overgrown front foundations. Those looking for a large scale update of both front and backyards are able to have their design needs met.


The goal of KRD is to work with their clients so that the spaces they dream of are designed purposefully with the best plants and hardscape materials for their sites; creating a functional environment, amplified by natural beauty, that is able to be enjoyed for seasons to come.  

Passionate about sharing her knowledge of gardening, Kate enjoys taking on the role of teacher in her Garden Coaching sessions. These hourly sessions are designed to assist folks who are searching for more understanding and expertise in the current garden landscape of their homes.


The Garden Coaching sessions are enjoyed by both new homeowners – who need help identifying plants in their garden and how to care for them – and seasoned gardeners who want to modify and refine their existing gardens.  


During the hour Kate can develop small sketches of specific sites, suggest plant material, create a list of recommended plants for a specific site, identify plants, and demonstrate pruning and maintenance of perennials, shrubs and trees.

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